Sunday, November 23, 2014

Good for Lego!

Lego Wins Everything

So I'm avoiding writing at least three essays right now and I think I've found the end of the internet. In the process, I found this! I read it out loud to a friend and they asked what year it had happened. The answer? 1974. So hey...good for Lego for promoting gender equality for the last forty years!

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  1. I saw this too! I think this really emphasizes the fact that feminism has had distinct waves, and that in between those waves, we have unfortunately backtracked on much of the progress made. We have definitely seen this going from the Progressive Era back to the state of households in the 50's. And here, even if toy companies were making strides towards gender equality in the 70s, you now go to any toy store and are faced with pink isles of princesses next to those with nerf guns and toy cars. We need to get Lego's statement back out there!


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