Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Campus Sexual Assault Bill

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the members of congress who have been working on the Campus Sexual Assault Bill since June, has made a statement in the wake of the online circus surrounding the Rolling Stone article and subsequent retraction about a rape of a U.Va. student, Jackie.

Here's a one-page summary of the bill:

Here's a video of Gillibrand's remarks today (she references the Rolling Stone case at 4:40 and another co-sponsor, Senator McCaskill, talks about it at the beginning):


  1. I think transparency is HUGE. I know of at least one case on Pomona's campus last year in which nobody really knew where to turn. It was surprisingly difficult for the person who claimed that sexual misconduct had occurred to find support and equally difficult for the person who had been accused to find out what could happen. I'm not sure what an ideal policy looks like, but I am curious as to which school have done well and what that even means.

  2. To expand on Sarah's point, one of the most confusing parts of the Claremont Colleges sexual assault policies is that, despite the interconnectedness of the schools, each college has their own sexual assault policy. Given how cross-campus the Claremont social scene is, this can be problematic. The current procedure requires victims to file through the accused's home institution. This adds to the lack of clarity around sexual misconduct policy and procedure. That being said, I believe the each of the Claremont College's individual sexual assault policies and procedures are way ahead of the national curve.


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