Thursday, September 25, 2014

John Oliver covers Miss America: how much do they really award in scholarships?

Highlight of this video from John Oliver:
Women's accepted political contributions extend to 20 seconds at the Miss America pageant in which she is asked to "solve ISIS."

This clip, though on the long side, covers the variety of problems with Miss America that are normally not named (like the swimsuit portion): that is, their testimony that they are the largest provider of scholarships for women in the entire world. They "offer" $45 million, but in reality, only $4 million is spent a year (2012). Nevertheless, with just $4 million, they still award the largest amount of scholarships out of any organization, even more than the Jeanette Rankin (i.e. first female congresswoman) Women's Scholarship Fund.

A "contestant" in John Oliver's impromptu pageant referenced Seneca Falls and the first wave of feminism. She said that the fact that she was expected to answer questions in 20 seconds showed how Miss America is nowhere close to becoming a purely academic-minded organization. Women are chosen to receive a scholarship on their bodily appearance, their performing talent, and 20 seconds talking about current affairs. Here are this year's questions:

I really recommend watching John Oliver's whole video on Miss America scholarships:

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