Friday, September 26, 2014

Jon Stewart pointing out the double standards imposed on women in politics

Here's a segment of The Daily Show from last April highlighting the political stereotypes we discussed on the first day of class, and have touched on since. I mostly enjoyed the variety of clips included contrasting the media reactions to shows of female and male emotion. Many of them use very similar wording to the political cartoon we looked at in class, where women, in this case Hilary Clinton, are described as getting "all misty eyed," being "close to a breakdown," "letting her emotions fall out of her," being "bewildered," "frustrated," and "so angry," while men who show emotion, in this case a variety of political figures, show "courage" and "passion," get "fiery," are "tough," a "straight shooter," "forceful," or "aggressive" (applauded for such behaviors). I don't necessarily agree with all of Jon Stewart's comments, but I do appreciate the attention directed towards the issue!

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