Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beyonce Voters

I'm a little late to the blog game (sorry email troubles) but as I promised here is a link to the Beyonce voters tumblr which was a response by the feminist blogging community to The fox news clip about "single ladies"mooching of the government. I love the use of satire to respond to the ridiculous discrimination against women in our health care system. This blog combines beyonce lyrics (destiny's child included) and photos of prominent political figures and issues. Be sure to scroll all the way through, because the ones at the bottom are hilarious!


  1. What a fun tumblr blog! I wrote my paper on satire in the suffrage movement. I'm fascinated to see the ways in which certain political movements use satire to forward their agendas, and who they intend to reach with their satirical pieces. This Beyonce voters tumblr looks like it's meant to appeal to women already supporting the 'Beyonce voters'. The Nancy Pelosi 'Ladies on the floor" one is pretty great!

  2. I find this tumblr fascinating. The comedy is so spot on and effective. I also think it is interesting to think about how pop culture is appropriated in politics. For example, the Beyoncé brand (right down to the font) was essentially appropriated to make a political statement. Further, the term "Beyoncé voters" was then used by Fox as a derogatory statement. Looking at the content on the blog and the issues they were discussing in the Fox segment, both examples reinforce what topics constitute "women's issues."


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