Monday, October 6, 2014

ERA Still Needed?

So after class today I thought of this clip from the West Wing and how when I saw this episode it made me question weather or not we still need the ERA. I think it is interesting that almost 100 years later we can still have a discussion that seems to spark interest and have completely different arguments about the same subject. I have never been opposed to the ERA in theory, but I have wondered weather or not women who study the law believe it is necessary or would be redundant as the character Ainsley Hayes describes in this clip.

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  1. As much as I love the West Wing and as much as I hate to critique it, I think that the writers did themselves an injustice with the brief exchange in which Ainsley claims she's opposed to the ERA because it's redundant and she's a Republican. The issue does not stop there. I have to believe that there are more reasons to oppose the ERA, more fundamental and political arguments than simple party lines. She starts to touch on it when she gets to her segment on rights handed down by oldwhitestaunchystoicrich men, but again I wonder if arguments (possibly for either side) have the substance of those from the 1920s.


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