Saturday, October 11, 2014

BNV14 - Denver "Feminism"

These young women explain so well some of the themes we discussed in class the other day in relation to third wave feminism. They highlight how women's movements that include women of color have been happening long before what we consider first wave feminism explaining, "Rosie the Riveter did what women of color had been doing for years." They also explain how the feminist movement means something completely different for women who face other marginalizations. Perhaps the most poignant and important statement they make is that the feminist movement can't be seen in black and white binaries. It needs to include and represent women of many different backgrounds and communities. I highly recommend taking the time to watch their video. They are so articulate and my trying to recap what they says can't begin to touch the surface of what they say.

On a slightly unrelated not, I'm always so impressed with how slam poets can use poetry as such a powerful social critique. These ladies are seriously impressive!

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