Friday, October 17, 2014

Sexual Assault article in The Atlantic: "Did Harvard Go Too Far?"

I am writing my senior thesis on the recently passed California sexual assault legislation (SB967), familiarly known as "yes-means-yes." Seeing as sexual assault is an issue at the forefront of the women's movement today, I've been wanting to post something on it. I was just sent this article and I would encourage anyone interested in sexual assault on college campuses to read it. It provides a summary of recent developments in college sexual assault policy and links to other articles that provide more information (if you're interested in reading more). 


  1. Sexual assault on campuses has been a particular topic of conversation at Scripps recently. The discussion has sparked out of the administration's decision not to finalize conservative journalist George Will's speaking engagement on account of his controversial column about sexual assault.

    He called for a dramatic redefinition of sexual assault and argued that survivors benefit from a privileged status that comes along with defining oneself as a sexual assault survivor. Here is the article, if anyone is interested:

    The New York Times also published a critique of his argument

    While I very much disagree with Will's assessment of sexual assault on campuses, I would be interested to know what he thinks of Harvard's new policy.

  2. Here are two opposing articles about the "yes means yes" standard

    I think the time magazine article demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue and is emblematic of the broader "buuuutttt then everyone is gonna be a rapist!" argument, but I guess its important to hear both sides...
    the second article is awesome and talks about the mindy project so pretty cool


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